Friday, October 21, 2016

Slave 2 BD

Nothing I won't do to suck big dick


The first morning of our camping trip, the second he stepped out of his tent, big dick swinging, I was a man with a mission: to get him alone and suck the hell out of his dick

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I smelled that huge dick way before he dropped trou

Spent many a happy day trying to master this monster dick. I swear to god it made a thump sound when it hit the couch I was blowing him on
I soon learned to become shameless in the pursuit of big suckable dick, falling to my knees in restrooms and rest areas, anywhere I found big dick

My slavery began with the very 1st big dick I ever sucked, and I've been a slave to massive meat ever since

I asked my waiter for the extra sausage special. He gave me a little smile and wrote it in his order pad. A couple secs. later he sent me this pic, & a couple secs. after that I was on my knees in a stall in the mens' room, swallowing him to the nuts

This guy spent a week in the same guest house as me, and  I feasted on him every chance I could get. God he tasted so good
I'm gonna swallow you right down to yr balls

baby I'm amazed
Is this big enough for you, cocksucker??


Resistance is Futile

No matter how deep your closet or how vehement your denial, you can't resist dick.

Being real, sucking cock

Dick cuts through all bullshit and falsehoods.

You know you want it. He knows you want it.

It will make an honest man of you like it or not.
Because you can't resist the sight or smell or taste of dick.

And why would you want to, when it looks and smells and tastes so fucking good?

Milking him

You're a cocksucker. Admit it.

You love dick

You love men

Try to fight your nature and you'll be destroyed.

Accept it and you'll know heaven on earth.

The best of heaven and earth
So much heaven, so much happiness everywhere around you, here and now

Heaven everywhere you look

Paradise is here on earth

Happy happy

Why not be happy, and make others happy?

Why not suck as much dick as you can?

Because there is no happiness or heaven beyond this, because nothing compares to loving men in the here and now
Suck dick, be happy

Just saying