Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Hey Cocksucker

I want to press my face up against that bulge and inhale
Amuse-bouche...but mmm those balls

Love to follow those veins with my tongue up to that beautiful gumdrop knob

Sucking cock

Note the drop of precum from this fat cock...just the start once I wrap my lips around him


Ok on my knees

See above, also mmm that's a succulent cock

I love fat cock

Oh to suck that stiff dick & to look into his face while I drain his balls

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Best view

Stairway to heaven

Cocksucker's Dream

Sucking off a hot feeder

Close... I can taste it ,,,

I could suck this stud all fucking day


How to suck dick

Always wanted to suck this young stud's cock, busted his balls real good

Imagine the look on the other guy's face,,,

Stiff dick & tight fat nuts

And we love cock


Mmm, gonna love sucking off this fucker

Those thighs... that smirk...those nuts

Might start with my tongue in his ass-hole before draining his nuts
Making him happy--- every cocksucker's goal
Every cocksucker's dream, smoking a fit stud's huge pole
c. 1978, when I first became a cocksucker
That's me

Gates of Paradise

Between his legs is the only heaven I know


How 2 drive a cocksucker mad

This is paradise

Eat him

Mmm, I can smell his dick from across the room....

Falling to my knees
Crawling on all 4s to worship

I want to live between those thighs

Those balls... those haiy thighs... that succulent dick.... truly I'm in heaven

Friday, August 10, 2018


Tommy Defendi

I want to suck him off

Need 2 Feed

Won't look at you even when you're balls deep into him

That bulge makes me weak in the knees


Tastes so GOOD

Cocksucker in rut

underground brotherhood initiation

Suck him OFF