Monday, June 3, 2019

Summer Dreaming

Very lucky day at the GH

A gift for you

Milk is good for you

Smoking his cock

What I did today

Mmm, so fat, so big, so succulent

Working all of it

Hey dude, mind if I suck u off??
Fuck, I love sucking off nerds. They have no idea how hot they are, they're so grateful for the attention, they have the most delicious dicks, and they shoot like mad

Good cocksuckers always maintain eye contact with their feeders
Hey baby, seems you have a problem, no-one there to suck you off. I can help.
Feeder's 1st time @ the GH. Word's gonna spread of that beautiful cock. He'll be back, & hungry cocksuckers in the know will be waiting for him ...
Yum. Beer & hot drunk studs
Here's where I lose it & beg to feed on him
Feeder's doing all the work, cocksucker is just a hole
Man, I hit the jackpot when I cruised this stud.. Not handsome but a rock-solid body, big stiff dick & big loose nuts that. slapped against my chin...


Friday, May 17, 2019

Knob Gobbler

Mmmm, lemme polish that some more dude

Sweet smile, succulent glans

oh fuck, dude's making my mouth water w/that fat tasty knob
Love the look on this sexy  feeder's face, like he knows he's got me with that shiny knob and huge piss slit. And he's right
Keep yr mouth on it for yr reward


Mmmm, loving that dick

Fat vein-spliced cock, fat glans

Cocksucker's feast

This is where I lose my mind ...

Fixated on how much seed those tight balls hold

Beer & big dick

Working it nice & slow

Friday, May 3, 2019

Varieties of Experience

His 1st fag BJ

His 1st time with free rein over another man's body

Possibly his 1sdt time @ a glory-hole

1st taste of this delicious dick
1st time I held a guy by the hips while blowing him ---nice contact, plus I could regulate his thrust

1st time I actually trembled before cock

1st time I knew my safe space was between a dude's legs

1st time blowing a guy in a car

1st time I felt something bigger than myself when sucking dick ---other than that big dick itself

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Sven, 24 feeds a French cocksucker in a contest --- 4 minutes to get him off. Frenchman failed.  "Far as i can remember," says Sven, "I always had this big thing between my legs, used to get alot of laughs about it until I hit high school, and so many people wanted to suck my dick .... I'm straight myself, but the gay guys give the best blow jobs... really  get into it for the sake of it, not like chicks who blow you cuz they want something ......Yeah, my best blowjobs were by men ..."


Milking him