Friday, November 24, 2017


Dick that makes me weak in the knees

makes me fall to my knees between his legs

makes me want to feel every vein with my mouth

need 2b between his legs

cocksucker challenge

essence of slurp

feed me

wanna eat your shorts

oh fuck yeah

gonna start with those fat seedful nuts & work my way slowly to the top, & back down again, until this stud explodes

i dont care if i get it hard, i love big soft cock too

cocksucker's lucky night

ready 2 empty those nuts
what I want
Almost like tailor-made for me: fat dick with a tught shiny knob: SLURP!


To blow this guy.
Beautiful cut dick, succulent glans, big hairy thighs
A cocksucker's dream


In case you didn't eat enough big fat juicy dick on Thanksgiving ....

Still hungry???


I think I'm gonna take my time blowing this dude


beautiful cut dick

i want every drop of his seed

those thighs.. that look... time to get busy


Sucking cock is probably the only pastime in which the happiness of both parties is guaranteed

He's happy

Bliss x2

cocksucker smirk, about to demolish that fat glans

smile 4 the camera w.yr mouth full of my dick
yeah you make me feel so good
I love sucking cock

wouldn't you smile too?